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Profiles of Intelligence

Profiles of Intelligence

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Profiles Of Intelligence
Book by Brigadier Syed A.I Tirmazi , SI (M)
During the 20th century, advanced countries have increased their reliance on espionage and covert activities. Sophisticated techniques and state-of-the-art weapons have been developed for the sole purpose of gathering information through covert means. Agencies indulging in the intelligence-gathering which have earned notoriety in recent times, are American CIA, Soviet KGB, British MI6 and Israeli Mossad. Closer home, Indian RAW has also sponsored a number of covert operations to destabilize conditions in countries in its immediate neighborhood. Pakistan, too, has its intelligence arm.

Brigadier S.A.I. Tirmazi, in Profiles of Intelligence unveils some of the counter-intelligence operations undertaken by the Directorate General Inter Services Intelligence, in its home ground. Whatever little has been revealed, presents the portrait of a patriotic, committed, well trained and a highly efficient team under the dynamic and untiring directorship of Tirmazi.

ISI remained an almost unknown entity until the beginning of Aghan Jehad. It was only then that this important security-related Pakistan Institution came into limelight. In league with American CIA and other Intelligence agencies of a few friendly countries, it helped Afghan Mujahideen in such an effective manner that the then Super Power, the Soviet Union, had to beat a retreat from Afghanistan which it had invaded nine years earlier.

Primarily relying on his good memory and a few documents, Brig. Tirmazi has pieced together a good account of ISI, its activities and how it operates to protect country's vital security interests. The book presents an authoritative documentation of the activities of the ISI without divulging any state secrets or jeopardizing its security.

Publication of such revealing books as Profiles of Intelligence is good for boosting the morale of the people and in creating awareness among them about the designs and strategy our our unknown and not-so-well known enemies, who, in the garb of diplomatic activities, try to damage our vital national interests.

Profiles of Intelligence
Syed A.I. Tirmazi
367 Pages | Hardcover

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